First brain tumor – 1967

     This is a unbelievable story about a young man who was diagnosed with a brain tumor in 1967. Pathology originally thought that the tumor was an astrocytoma. The second tumor was called an oligodendroglioma. The third one was called a mixed glioma and has been since called an oligo-astrocytoma. He has gone on to have a total of 13  brain tumors, spanning 48 years. George Plym has also been diagnosed with other cancers including adenocarcinoma primary unknown, skin cancer, thyroid cancer and bone cancer along with his brain cancer. He is one of the oldest brain tumor survivor and has had numerous treatments including multiple brain tumors surgeries, multiple gamma knife surgery, multiple radiation, multiple chemotherapy, multiple shunt surgeries, ports, biopsies, lumbar drains, chest drains, two meningiomas, factor V Leiden (Clotting Disorder), DVT (deep venous thrombosis), chemical meningitis and spinal taps. He is the president of Western North Carolina Brain Tumor Support which he founded in 2001. 


                                    The following pages are an account of the highlights of 48 years of being the....                                                                       Ultimate  Brain  Tumor Survivor !

                                 George Plym, president of WNC Brain Tumor Support

                                                                     Asheville, NC  













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Don't worry about things that you cannot control.

Show compassion and love for your brother and sister.

Work hard to achieve your goals and don't ever give up.

 Staying positive.

The only time you lose is when you quit trying.

"To know the road ahead, ask those coming back."